The Team.

Black Sheep | Stinner Racing

The birth of a transatlantic collaboration. In 2016, Black Sheep | Stinner Racing is set to show what’s possible in Elite Cycling. Leading by example; this is a team consisting of some of Melbourne’s most respected cyclists, but it’s not just about results. It’s about inspiring the community that surrounds us. It’s about dreams as well as goals. The team has a commitment to State and National level racing. But they also have hugely successful and demanding careers off the bike, and a burning desire to show the everyday rider what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

The Kit.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep Cycling are first and foremost cyclists who love the sport. Our garments are uncompromised in quality, seamless in form and function, and truly unique in design. We celebrate the sport of cycling through our kits, our engagement to the sport and, above all, through our truly exceptional Black Sheep community.

Black Sheep Stinner Kit detail

Stinner Team Bike

The Bike.


Stinner builds handmade, custom bicycles that unite their owners with the California spirit of freedom, fun and adventure. Each Stinner is unique; a marriage of metal and soul fine-tuned to delight and inspire its rider.

Stinner believes that business can be a source of social, environmental and economic change at both a local and global level. People ride bikes for recreation, for transportation, and for health. Cycling brings these people together, strengthening community bonds. Stinner aims to unite businesses and people emphasizing responsible manufacturing and community in every way we can.

The Riders.

Men of Steel

The five-strong Black Sheep | Stinner Racing team are united by common passions and commitments. Balancing full-on, full-time careers with young families, every stolen hour on their bike is a precious one. Cycling for this group of friends represents freedom, dedication, escape, a healthy dose of competition and a genuine reliance on long blacks.

Men of Steel

The Sponsors.

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